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União Casings is a 100% capital Brazilian company, among the biggest industries in natural beef casings around the world; it works in the segment of natural products (beef, pork and lamb casings), our distribution network cover all regions of Brazil and has important participation in international markets.


Union Casings Import and Export, located in Colina/SP, is equipped with the latest technology for the preparation of products to the high efficiency food industry, traditional factories, general markets, handmade producers, butcher shops and consumers.

  • Checking and processing of raw materials.
  • Acclimatized production unit.
  • Selection of qualities A, A/B, Domestic and standardization of products.
  • Packs of casing salted individually.
  • Packs of casings salted individually and intubated (high performance) .
  • Packs of dried casings.
  • Casings free of fat.
  • Solid relationship with suppliers in Brazil and internationally.
  • Import and export products.